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Creating a form

You can create a form in 3 steps. Simpley signup to and you will land on the dashboard page. Once you are on the dashboard page, please follow these steps:
Click on the My From from navigation
Click on the create a form
Add your form details (form name, email, a description)


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Connecting your form

Once you created your form, you will be redirected to your forms page. You can find the endpoint for your form in this page. Copy this endping and past it on your form's Action tag. That's all you have to do. (Make sure you have a 'name' for each of your inputs)


When you are on the forms page, you will find the link to your submissions page. There you can find all of your submissions.
connecting the form form background

How to create a form with

Check out detailed blog article about creating a form with Topic Coverd:
Creating a form with HTML
Connecting with